Founders helping founders.

We build and deliver specialised accelerator programmes to help corporates and Government to elevate their value. The team’s global network and extensive experience has provided us with the insight to understand the growing chasm between small and large businesses. Slingshot focuses on the key pillars that underpin everything we do at True Altitude: SaaS, Digital Commerce Enablement and FinTech.

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Our Services
Corporate Venturing
Agile, small technology businesses often solve industry problems much faster than larger businesses. Larger businesses typically seek new capabilities through partnership and acquisition of innovative solutions to stay ahead of the curve. Our aim is to bring large and small parties together in our programmes, to secure new contracts, investment, and acquire new capability.
Bespoke Programme Creation
We build bespoke programmes in our focus sectors with our unique approach to progress and innovation. Building tailored programmes allows us to identify gaps and opportunities for impact. Our internal resources are allocated into specialised workshops to achieve the desired programme outcome.

Programme Focus
We focus on what really matters – data capturing, talent structure and revenue generation. Focusing on these three areas provides us with the opportunity to help all parties with ring fencing, governance issues and IP challenges.
Data Capturing
In order to be effective, it is vital for accelerator programmes to measure hard commercial outcomes, as well as softer factors such as introductions made. We prioritise the gathering of this critical data required up front.
Talent Structure
Our aim is to provide you with the right mentorship and training necessary to enable your business to grow. We provide a balanced mix of bespoke training and support, as well as relevant introductions to our global network of contacts, encompassing both programme discovery and solution.
Revenue Generation
We want to understand what makes your business unique, so we can get the best out of our partnership. We endeavour to understand and manage expectations about your outcomes, exit strategy and planned growth, to support you in reaching your long term financial goals.
Key Projects
True Altitude is currently delivering the MK:5G Accelerator Programme, hosted by Connected Places Catapult.

The programme accelerates innovative solutions which exploit the benefits of 5G. True Altitude’s role is programme management and mentoring of the cohort, preparing them for investment and further expansion.
Slingshot Portal
The corporate venturing arm of our portal facilitates internal programme management and reporting for accelerator programmes, quantifying otherwise intangible value, such as ‘value provided’ throughout a programme. 

Our portal also showcases SME development externally for Angels and VCs within TA's network and to those that have an interest in joining or enhancing the online community.

Venture investment is a highly manual process, and we are looking to expedite due diligence for our services, by gathering business critical data required up front.

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